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J-APP is a mobile app created by Meme Flow.  This mobile application is dedicated to the study of Orthodox Judaism. If you are interested in licensing our product or would like to have a product created specifically for your needs please contact

J-APP is the most comprehensive FREE mobile application that gives you global, immediate access to Rabbis and Educators. It's easy to download and easy to stream. Wherever you are, you will be able access our marketplace of Judaic Audio files, Video files, and Text files all ready to use on your mobile device. It is a personalized prospecting tool, so you can follow the speakers of your choice and the most relevant topics as you will get alerts when new content is made available. You can also get alerts when there are new or changes in events in your local Synagogue. With our optional pay platform you will be able to listen, watch, and read as much as you want and only pay for content that you feel that moved you. The goals of J-APP are to give unlimited access to - and connect - the wisdom of the local and world leaders of today's Jewish world with the smart phone generation.



J-APP makes it easy for even the least technology-savvy users to upload, manage and share content with their audiences. Our generation lives off of smart phones. We use them as morning alarms, address books, calendars, our to-do lists, books, reference for anything on the Internet, and occasionally, as our phone. Can you think of one reason why it shouldn’t be full of Torah study as well? J-APP will allow you to stay in closer connection with your own local community and broaden your access to the larger global village of the Jewish world. 

It helps users get the most of our universal library and your lectures. It brings all your lectures under one easy-to-access source, providing unparalleled global range. Just upload the lectures and documents that you are already filming, recording and writing to our easy-to-use system and you will have immediate access to thousands of app users. (We will even post to Facebook and twitter for you, if you so choose.)  The best part is you don’t even need to have a smart phone. It’s a must-have tool for any rabbi and educator and its breadth, depth and accuracy are unmatched.


Users can download video and audio lectures and articles from their favorite Rabbi/educator. Once you “follow” your selected Rabbi, synagogue or organization, J-APP will alert you if new content or new events have been added or changed. Alerts can be turned on or off at your discretion. You will also have access to the rest of our comprehensive data base of speakers and organizations.


We made it easy for contributors to reach thousands of listeners through J-APP. You can sign up with the website, upload your lectures, and share them with the world. J-APP will convert your video, audio, and text files to formats that match the mobile devices that your followers are using. As a contributor J-APP allows you to manage your contributor profile and settings through a comprehensive control panel. You will be able to generate reports to see how many people are accessing your content and which content is generating more voluntary payments. No other tool can help you bring in revenue and provide such fantastic feedback. And its FREE for you to use.

Calendar’s, Multiple Languages, Alerts for new content, Alerts for new events, Easy messaging to your entire community, Reduces and Organize email clutter from mailing list,  Access to a market place of Torah studies all formatted for mobile enjoyment, download and save files from anywhere at anytime, Share content with anyone without restrictions, easy to use search functionality, ITS FREE for both the Rabbi and the users! We ask that you chose to pay for the content but it is totally voluntary and it is always post enjoyment. Come and learn with us.
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